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Natural Gas

Water Service 

  • City of Corsicana Environmental Services Department

    PROVIDER: City of Corsicana
    SOURCES (OWNERSHIP): Navarro Mills Lake (USACE); Richland Chambers Reservoir (TRWD); Lake Halbert (City of Corsicana owned lake)
    MAX SYSTEM CAPACITY: 24,250,000 Gallons Per Day (2 Water Treatment Facilities)
    STORAGE CAPACITY: 2,600,000 Elevated; 6,000,000 Ground
    MAX DAILY USE TO DATE: 12,700,000 Gallons Per Day
    PRESSURE OF MAINS: 60 P.S.I.G. - Average
    LOOPED SYSTEM?: Yes: 2-Inch to 30-Inch


Sewage Treatment

PROVIDER: City of Corsicana
TYPE OF WATER TREATMENT PLANT: Activated Sludge with Overland Flow Project
MAXIMUM CAPACITY: 8,000,000 Gallons per Day Activated Sludge; 1,000,000 Gallons per Day Overland Flow; 9,000,000 Gallons per Day Total
MAXIMUM DAILY USE TO DATE: 5,100,000 Gallons per Day

Solid Waste

  • Allied Waste (903) 983-3292



Map of Internet & Wireless Coverage

  • Texas BroadbandStat – this site provides maps of broadband coverage, as well as a current list of internet & wireless service providers

Water Resources