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Photos of Street Improvements completed in FY 16
View photos of completed street improvements FY 16

1        E 1st Ave            Beaton to RR    photo
2        Mall Dr                Main to Beaton    photo
3        Visitors Center    Street/Parking    photo    photo2
4        E 3rd Ave           Commerce to BUS 45    photo    photo2        
5        N 13th St            Oaklawn to Northwood Blvd   photo    photo2
6        Sycamore Ave    N 24th to N 19th St    photo   photo2
7        McKinney Ave    Louis to cul de sac     photo   photo2
8        N 20th St            Sycamore to Liveoak    photo   photo2 
9        W 10th Ave        S 24th St to S 15th St    photo    photo2    photo3
10      W 11th Ave        S 15th St to S 14th St    photo
11      S 29th St            W 13th Ave to W 15th Ave     photo
12      E 6th Ave           S 5th St to S 2nd St    photo   photo2 
13      N Hall St             200 Blk    photo
14      S 2nd St             E 6th Ave to MLK    photo
15      Call Ave             S 19th St to S 20th St   photo
16      N 31st St            W 2nd Ave to W 1st Ave    photo
17      S 39th St            W 7th Ave to Lynn Ave    photo    
18      N 37th St            W 4th Ave to W 5th Ave    photo   photo2 
19      N 29th St            W 2nd Ave to Elmwood Ave    photo    photo2 
20      N 40th St            W 2nd Ave to W 4th Ave    photo   photo2 
21      Bowie Dr            Dobbins Rd to Northwood Blvd    photo
22      Lou Ann Ave      Bowie Dr to Northwood Blvd    photo
23      N 26th St            Dobbins Rd to Bridle Path    photo