Cadet Memorial

On October 10, 2009, the Corsicana Field Aviation Heritage Foundation dedicated a new memorial to honor all Army Air Force (AAF) Flying Cadets and the civilian and military personnel that were instrumental in their training. Located on the original WWII site of the Air Activities of Texas, Corsicana Army Air Field. The U.S. AAF Cadet Memorial consists of 5 acres of land with a central monument walkway.

Memorial Details

The walkway begins at the original gateway to the air field and incorporates pillars, sidewalks, and pads that date back to the 1941 construction of the facility. Incorporated into the 400-foot walkway are three separate circular patios. The first patio holds a life-size bronze statue of a cadet wearing a seat-pack parachute. This patio is dedicated to all AAF cadets. The second patio has a flagpole in the center and is dedicated to all who worked at Air Activities of Texas. On the third patio is a triangular monument that is dedicated to those airmen that lost their lives in WWII. One side of the monument contains the names of the men killed in training at Corsicana.

Three countries are represented here - USA, Mexico, and Brazil. The flags of all three nations will fly over this monument. Another side of this monument will honor Maj. Thomas McGuire, a Medal of Honor recipient that trained at Corsicana Field. The third side of the monument honors all airmen from the United States that made the ultimate sacrifice in World War II.