Navarro Mills Lake

Navarro Mills Lake, also known as Navarro Mills Reservoir, is 16 miles west of Corsicana in the Trinity River basin in western Navarro County (at 31 degrees 57 feet north and 96 degrees 42 feet west). The lake extends into eastern Hill County. The project is owned by the United States government and is operated for flood control and recreational purposes by the United States Army Corps of Engineers, Fort Worth District.

The Trinity River Authority purchased the conservation storage space of 63,000 acre-feet and by 1964 controlled diversion and conservation uses. Construction on the project began on December 23, 1959, and deliberate impoundment of water began on March 15, 1963.


The reservoir has a total capacity of 63,300 acre-feet at the top of conservation storage at an elevation of 424.5 feet above mean sea level. It has a surface area of 5,070 acres, a shoreline of 38 miles, and a flood-control capacity of 148,900 acre-feet. The drainage area above the dam is 320 square miles. The local terrain is flat to rolling and is surfaced by clay and sandy loams that support water-tolerant hardwoods and grasses.