Upland Bird Country

Texas class wing-shooting is closer than you think. Upland Bird Country has lots of space, lots of birds, lots of variety, and their hill country-style lodge is the perfect place to gather before and after your hunt.

Terrain Information

Upland Bird Country's nearly 800 acres are naturally divided into named fields where you'll be amazed at the variety of terrain and hunting experiences that you can choose from. "Mrs. Coggins" will remind you of west Texas, and if you hunt the "Lower Garvin" you'll swear you're in Dakota! The "Power Station" field provides even the Upland regulars with a terrain where they can really test themselves. As always, wide open spaces are assured because we strictly limit the number of hunters on the ranch.

Bird Information

You'll find birds - lot's of them. Upland's quail, chukar, and pheasant are powerful fliers and will present a real challenge to your hunting skills. Our variety of hunts, fields, and specials will keep you on your toes, and that's a promise.

Upland Bird Country regulars know that these fields are a tremendous hunt for their pointers and flushing dogs, but if you're not a dog owner, they'll set you up with one of their own experienced, professional guide and dog teams.

Tower Shoots

Tower shoots are a specialty. Since 1988 Upland's tower shoots have been a very important part of their hunting calendar. With between 20 and 40 shooters, and up to 360 rocketing pheasants, there is no shortage of stories to share at the barbecue lunch. Upland's tower shoots are perfect for corporate events.

Contact Information

Email Terry Warren or call at 903-641-7196 to schedule a hunt.