100 West

"South of Dallas, 50 minutes by car, is a town named 'Corsicana' where wonderful examples of turn-of-the-century Italianate architecture stand amid a predominate oil and agricultural industrial setting. Both Mobil Oil and Wolf Brand Chili were founded here. And two blocks west from the railway is a building constructed by, and for, the Oddfellows Fraternity who have since moved and left a relatively untouched space ripe with potential for artists seeking respite and an intense studio experience away from 'big city'atmosphere. In this building we, seven artists of different mediums, are beginning a Kunsthalle of sorts in residency-like format complete with a wood shop, printmaking studio and large open rooms for any creation conceived here. This is 100 West 3rd Avenue, Corsicana, TX. We call it 100 West."