What if I think my usage is too high?
The most likely cause of a high bill is a water leak. The first course of action you should take is to examine your plumbing and fixtures to ensure the abnormal consumption is not caused by a water leak. Leaking faucets, toilets, shower heads, or other water using devices may waste water and your money. A running toilet can waste as much as 5,000 gallons a day and a dripping faucet can waste as much as 96 gallons a day!

Next, you can contact the Utility Billing Office at 903-654-4825 during normal business hours. We can have one of our field technicians come out and re-check your meter. The city will provide one free meter re-check each calendar year; additional meter re-checks are $10. Keep in mind that you are responsible to pay the amount due as billed. A credit will be posted to the account in the event there is a meter problem.

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1. What if I think my usage is too high?
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