Corsicana Fire Rescue Latest News

New Engine 1 - ChiefCorsicana Fire Welcomes Its Newest Addition

Corsicana Fire Rescue is PROUD to announce the addition of a Pierce Velocity Pumper to its’ fleet.

With a large water and pump capacity, specialized compartments and enhanced response capabilities, this 2020 Fire Engine is packed with features to keep our firefighters and our citizens safe. “What excites me most is that this is the first pumper that was designed and spec’d by our firefighters, to fit the needs of Corsicana. I got to design the graphics, but the rest was done by our firefighters”, stated Chief Henley.

The New ENGINE 1 will be put in service in a few weeks. This new engine will allow for the former workhorse out of station one to get some much needed downtime as a reserve engine. This reserve engine can now be put into service  at peak times or as the front-line equipment completes needed maintenance. 

Corsicana Fire Rescue would like to thank the citizens of Corsicana for your support and for this new firefighting weapon. This engine will provide many years of protection for the city and we are so appreciative of this vehicle. We would also like to thank city leadership for the opportunity to serve and for their investment into this department.