Civil Service Commission


The Civil Service Commission consists of three commissioners that serve a three-year term. All such commissioners shall be of good moral character, resident citizens of Corsicana, shall have resided in Corsicana for a period of more than three years, shall each be over the age of 25 years, and shall not have held any public office within the preceding three years.

  • Jon Ketcham, Civil Service Chairman
    Term expires in 2024
  • Ramon Thomas Civil Service Vice Chairman 
    Term expires in 2023
  • Lee Lewis, Civil Service Commissioner
    Term expires in 2025

About the Board

The Civil Service Commission is charged with providing recruitment and selection of all police officers and firefighters / EMTs for the City of Corsicana. It coordinates all testing mandated by the State of Texas.

This commission shall make such rules and regulations for the proper conduct of its business as it shall find necessary and expedient, provided that no rules or regulations shall ever be adopted which will permit the appointment or employment of any person:

  • Incompetent to discharge the duties of such appointment or employment
  • Unfit mentally or physically
  • Without good moral character