Creative Retail Signage

Signs are a vital part of the Main Street District. With a sign, you call attention to your business and create an individual image. It’s often forgotten that signs contribute to a commercial district’s overall image, as well. If the Main Street District is to present a harmonious appearance, its signs must serve both of these images.

The purpose for sign guidelines is to encourage, protect, and preserve the historic, architectural, and cultural amenities that prevail in the Main Street District. It is the intent of these guidelines to protect property values, create a more attractive business climate and to enhance and protect the physical appearance of the area.

Consider the Purpose of Your Sign

Does the sign merely identify your business? Do you want to let the personality of your store or office shine through? What kind of customers are you trying to attract? Is the sign meant to be read by pedestrians, motorists, or both?

The Landmark Commission encourages business owners to be creative with their signage. Corsicana is known for its artistic community and encourages three-dimensional, unique, artistic expressions. Check out our Creative Retail Signage Examples (PDF) for some inspiration.