The City observes 13 paid holidays each year for full time employees. Holidays which fall on a Saturday will be observed on the preceding Friday; holidays which fall on a Sunday will be observed on the following Monday.

 New Year's Day

 Martin Luther King Day

 President’s Day**

 Good Friday

 Memorial Day

• Juneteenth

 July 4th

 Labor Day

 Patriot Day**

 Veteran’s Day

 Thanksgiving Day

 Friday after Thanksgiving

 Last working day before Christmas

 Christmas Day

** Patriot Day (September 11) is a designated holiday for Firefighters only. All other employees take President’s Day.

Jury Service or Court Leave

Employees required to report for jury service or court service will receive their regular pay during the time they serve, on a regularly scheduled workday. The employee must present proper documentation to their immediate supervisor upon receipt of the notification to report for jury duty.

Navarro Credit Union

City of Corsicana employees can join the Navarro Credit Union.

Personal Leave

Employees shall receive one day per fiscal year for personal leave. Your personal day will be accrued on October 1 or 90 days after hire date for new hires. One day equals eight hours for all employees except firefighters assigned to a twenty-four shift. One day for firefighters assigned to a twenty-four shift equals twelve hours. Personal leave shall not be carried over to the next fiscal year.

Sick Leave

All full-time employees accrue sick leave with pay at a rate of one workday for each month employed. Sick leave may be accumulated without limit and carried forward from year to year.


Employees earn vacation leave based on the following schedules:

Non-Civil Service Employees

  0 through 5 years  - 12 days

 6 through 13 years - 15 days

 14 years plus - 20 days

Civil Service Employees

  0 through 13 years - 15 days

 14 years plus - 20 days