Community Support


The Community Support Department is responsible for enforcing compliance with city ordinances regarding property maintenance, zoning, addressing, fencing / screening, and proper garbage containment and disposal. The department responds to citizen requests and complaints, completes inspections and issues citations for code violations. 

Cemetery & Burial Record Services

The Community Support Department is also responsible for the management and maintenance of the city cemeteries and city burial records. The department sells lots and coordinates the scheduling of all burials for Woodland, Oakwood, and Modrell cemeteries; issues burial permits; coordinates with the county to secure all indigent burials; and maintains accurate records of all burials and sales of cemetery plots.


Our mission is to enhance the level of public safety and city aesthetics through effective enforcement of city ordinances and to ensure due process for each citizen of Corsicana; to help the community maintain safe, healthy neighborhoods for the citizens by timely enforcement of ordinances and by fostering community awareness; to increase citizen participation, provide information, and change behavior in order to manage hazards in the community; to ensure that all citizens have the opportunity to live in a clean and safe environment.