Infill Housing Program

The Corsicana City Council, CISD, Navarro County and the Navarro College District jointly hold numerous properties in the city, called “tax trust” lots, acquired through foreclosure for non-payment of ad valorem (real estate) taxes. Most are vacant parcels. A program has been designed to make these lots available to individuals and builders at a very low cost. The program streamlines the process for conveying these lots by providing a single point-of-contact at the City to handle required administrative approvals and sales.

The following is a list of requirements of this program:

1) The buyer must pay the actual closing costs, estimated at $250 per lot, plus a title policy if requested.

2) The buyer is purchasing a lot located on a paved streets with access to city utilities but will have to follow all building code and zoning requirements.

3) The construction of the structure must begin within 6 months from the date of purchase and be complete within 18 months.

4) The buyer cannot be delinquent on property taxes or have a lien filed of record for any property.

5) The buyer must show financial ability to complete a project in the allocated time period.

The following links contain documents and maps that will help you to identify lots that may be available and help you through the purchase process. For more information on the Corsicana Infill Housing Program contact the City of Corsicana’s Community Department, at 200 N. 12th Street, Corsicana, Texas 75110, or call (903)654-4860.

Infill Project Application (PDF)

Trustee Lot Map Book (PDF) Updated Oct. 2017