Common Code Violations

Yard Conditions

  • Outside storage
  • Tall grass and weeds
  • Trash and debris


  • Junk / inoperable vehicle
  • Parking in the grass

Unsafe Structure

  • No potable water
  • Unsafe commercial structure
  • Unsafe residential structure


  • Dilapidated fence
  • No fence around dumpster
  • Size or materials not approved


Swimming Pools

  • No fence around pool
  • Stagnant water

Zoning Violation

  • Agricultural use where prohibited
  • Commercial use in residential zone
  • Illegal land use

No Permit Issued for Property

  • No certificate of occupancy
  • No permit for accessory building
  • No permit for banner or sign
  • No permit for building project
  • No permit for plumbing / mechanical / electrical work

Premise Identification

  • Address numbers not displayed on structure