Development & Regulation Guidelines

Development Guidelines

Regulations for the subdivision and development of land within the city limits and the extraterritorial jurisdiction (ETJ) can be found in Chapter 9 of the Code of Ordinances.

Comprehensive Plan

The Comprehensive Master Plan for the City of Corsicana is a long-range plan that anticipates a build out condition. The build-out population of the existing city is 76,000 people and the holding capacity of the city's ETJ is 327,000 people. The following documents are various sections of the Comprehensive Master Plan:

Looking Ahead

Establishing a picture of the future allows those using the plan to look on the present city to determine whether to facilitate or restrict accommodation of growth and development potential. This plan establishes a generalized pattern for future land use, thoroughfares, and open space. It also recommends strategies to implement the vision contained in this document. The plan also provides a valuable reference in the decision-making process of municipal governance.


The recommendations for this plan are built upon goal and objectives generated by residents and property owners, which articulate the aspirations and concerns of the people who will live and work in Corsicana. As a result, this plan becomes a "management tool" for addressing future growth and will initiate change to move Corsicana toward the quality of life desired by its residents.