Zoning Maps & Resources


The zoning regulations can be found in Chapter 12 of the Code of Ordinances.



  • Neighborhood Service (NS)
  • General Retail (GR)
  • Commercial (C)
  • Central Area(CA)
  • Light Industrial (I-1)
  • Heavy Industrial (I-2)
  • Planned Development (PD)
  • Agricultural (A)
  • Parking (P)
  • Office (O)


  • Single-family Residential-1 (R-1)
  • Single-family Residential-2 (R-2)
  • Single-family Residential-3 (R-3)
  • Single-family Residential-4 (R-4)
  • Two-family Residential (2F)
  • Multiple-family Residential-1 (MF-1)
  • Multiple-family Residential-2 (MF-2)

Overlay District

The Historic Downtown District encompasses approximately 25 blocks of historic commercial buildings near the geographic center of the city. The boundaries of the district are Second Avenue to the north, Sixth Avenue to the south, 12th Street to the west, and the Union Pacific Railroad line to the east.

The Overlay Design Guidelines for this district can be found in Chapter 12, Article 12.700 of the Code of Ordinances.


Obtain a zoning verification letter by contacting the department.