Criminal Investigations Division

Criminal Investigations Division

Sergeant Dan McAninch - 903-654-4911
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Corporal Garrett Harrell - 903-654-4910
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Detective Whitney Hawk - 903-654-4914
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Detective Sean Frasier- 903-654-4916
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Detective Ronni Phillips - 903-654-4918
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Detective Dan Putman - 903-654-4912
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Narcotics Detective Steven Travis- 903-654-4933
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Narcotics Detective Jarrett Girard- 903-654-4915
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Reserve Detective Michael Ray - 903-654-4923
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Property and Evidence Technician Tabitha Stone- 903-654-4897
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Criminal Investigations Division

This division consists of one sergeant, one corporal, seven detectives (including two Drug Task Force detectives), one reserve detective, and one civilian and performs these criminal functions:

  • Conducts in-depth investigations.
  • Follows up on offenses reported by Patrol.
  • Gathers intelligence about criminal activity.
  • Processes crime scenes for evidence.
  • Coordinates investigations with other departments.
  • Prepares cases for presentation to Grand Jury.
  • Works closely with prosecutors and local courts.
  • Obtains and serves warrants of arrest and search.
  • Investigates violations by and against juveniles.
  • Conducts narcotics enforcement, surveillance and intelligence.
  • Operation and maintenance of the Property and Evidence Room.

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