Water Treatment

The City of Corsicana provides water treatment services to its residential, commercial, and industrial customers. The water treatment facilities meets or exceeds all state and federal water quality standards and provides guaranteed volume and pressure.

The City of Corsicana also furnishes water to 21 various Navarro County water supply corporations.

Water Sources

The City of Corsicana obtains untreated (raw water) from two sources: Lake Halbert and Navarro Mills Lake. Lake Halbert Water Treatment Plant was built in 1924 and Navarro Mills Water Treatment Plant began operation in 1967. Both plants are staffed and operated 24 hours a day.

The personnel responsible for producing this treated water are continually training in an effort to ensure the quality remains safe and high quality.

Water Towers

  • 400,000-gallon water tower built in 1928
  • 750,000-gallon water tower built in 1954
  • 500,000-gallon water tower built in 1954
  • 4,000,000-gallon underground storage tank built in 1954
  • 2,000,000-gallon SH 31 Booster Pump Station built in 1981
  • 1,000,000-gallon water tower built in 2002

Water Conservation Flyer