Water Treatment Reports

Surface Water Monthly Operating Reports

The Surface Water Monthly Operating Report (SWMOR) is required by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) to be completed on a monthly basis. All information contained in the report is required by TCEQ, it is formatted in a manner in which the TCEQ has determined appropriate for their use.

There are two SWMOR’s for the City of Corsicana, because the City operates two water treatment plants: Navarro Mills and Lake Halbert. An individual SWMOR is required for each plant in operation.

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Included Information

The reports include raw water pumpage, treated water pumpage, turbidity measurements, average chlorine readings, and calculations for inactivation of bacteria and viruses. The latest versions of the reports also include Total Organic Carbon (TOC) removal ratios.

General information included in the reports are such things as public water supply ID number, person completing the form, and the treatment plant for which the information was collected.