Airport Advisory Board


The Airport Advisory Board consists of eight members serving a two-year term, of which there shall be:

  • Five residents of the City of Corsicana
  • One ex officio member who shall be the airport manager
  • Two ex officio members residing within Navarro County, outside the City of Corsicana

Any ex officio members shall be non-voting members.

Current Members

  • Chris McKeown
    Term expires: 2020
  • Dr. Dave Campbell
    Term expires: 2020
  • John Harper
    Term expires: 2020
  • Mike Harwood
    Term expires: 2020
  • Brad Tekell
    Term expires: 2020

County Appointments

  • Bobby Grantham
  • Steve Richmond

About the Board

This board was established to study and recommend to the City Council steps and procedures to realize immediate and long-range goals for the maintenance and improvement of the Corsicana Municipal Airport.